Hire kitchen equipment

Planning on holding an outdoor special event at your home? For a successful event hire kitchen equipment is necessary to cook, hold, and serve your culinary offerings.

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Cooking essentials

It is important to plan your menu first, that will determine what type of equipment you need to efficiently and safely serve your guests. For a formal event renting oven ranges to sauté and heat/reheat your food is necessary. A flat top griddle is helpful for quick grilling items to finish cooking in the ovens will make bulk cooking a lot easier. If your menu is barbeque styled an open flame charcoal or propane grill for any barbequed items on your menu is a must.

Cold food holding equipment

The old saying, keep it hot or keep it cold is essential for food safety and potential food borne illness that would ruin your event. Cold foods cannot be left out for extended periods of time without the danger of food borne illness. For smaller events large ice chests or table top ice boats are very handy. If your guest list is large (over 50+) considering renting refrigeration/freezer will take stress off utilizing your home refrigerator and eliminate foot traffic through your home. Salads and desserts need to stay cold until serving time. If your event is in the summer heat putting out smaller sized serving platters and bowls and replenishing as needed is the best plan of action.

Hot food holding equipment

Once you have your food hot, then what? Keeping food at the safe temperature until you serve is essential. A pocket food thermometer is one the most important tool for your event. This you can purchase usually at most grocery stores. The thermometer can aid in the temperature monitoring throughout your event. For smaller events (fewer than 50) you may just need to cook and serve your food. Some smaller food holding ideas are utilizing large ice chests. That sounds crazy, but an ice chest can also be used for hot food holding by placing towels on the bottom it prevent any of the plastic from warping. Preheating the chest with hot water and dumping out before using is helpful. Larger events need to plan for hot food holding. You can keep your food hot by using the ovens as warming ovens. This means turning the heat down so the food will stay warm but does not continue cooking. Depending on your menu, if there are many items needed to keep warm, hire kitchen equipment such as a hot holding oven is the right choice. A hot holding oven is an upright lightweight warmer that sheet pans fit into. You then place your food item on the sheet pans. You can get an electric operating oven that also has temperature control and a water pan to help keep your food moist too.

Serving at your event

Rental items for serving include trays, plates and bowls and Chafing Dishes. When serving hot foods, traditionally items called chaffing dish racks are used. Most party supply stores provide a variety of styles, from casual wire to ornate designed styles.

Other options for a special event

Does this all sound like too much work for you? If so, hiring a catering company that will provide all the equipment necessary to do the job, and staff, may be the best option for you.